Monday, February 16, 2009

Proud to Be a Fathead

Tom Naughton's new movie, Fathead, is a must-see for anyone who is even remotely interested in the low-carb lifestyle. It should be mandatory viewing for diabetics, too. If any of you were traumatized, as we were, by Morgan "Spurious"lock's Supersize Me, this movie is an antidote. As much as I despise McDonald's food, the corporation did not deserve such vilification. Can you follow a low-carb lifestyle eating at McDonald's, or any other fast-food restaurant for that matter? Yes. Should you make fast food the mainstay of your diet? Nope. If you answered the last two questions correctly, congratulations. According to Tom Naughton, you have a functioning brain, and if you saw Supersize Me, you "have been fed a load of bologna."
Mr. Naughton is a comedian and a former health writer, and he narrates and acts in his own documentary with humor, flair, and too much common sense for the low-fat-foodie who has been brainwashed for years by our misguided government. Everything that we've been told about obesity, the obesity epidemic, and healthy eating is wrong. So wrong that it is making our nation fatter and fatter, and sicker, to boot.
I'm proud to be a Fathead, and, if you read this blog, you probably are, too. We're in good company.
The Bionic Broad out.


chattykenyon said...

Hi, Thanks for the review on the movie. I will have to get it and watch it. It's cool that there is an anti-Spurlock movie. I agree that McDonald's is not the place to hang if you live low carb, but in a pinch you can make a decent meal by pitching the buns on most burgers, and order a salad.

Jackie said...

Hello Pat!

I came across your blog yesterday and spent the whole afternoon reading your story.

I'm a Bandster from the UK, who has just started low carbing. I had my band fitted in Nov 2006, so almost the same time as you. I was 252lbs when i had the op and am 190lbs now. I also seem to have 'stuck' which is how I came to low carbing.

I have only been eating this way for about 3 weeks, and I am finding it difficult to embrace the fat! I've read several different plans and bought too many cookbooks which have just muddied the waters really. come across your blog has been timely! I have even started repeating in my head High Fat Medium Protein Low Carb!

WLS is not done very often over here, and yet we have rising obesity levels as most countries. Low Fat is pushed here too, as the right way to go. This morning we have headlines on our daily paper 'Why should the National Health Service (our free treatment service for all) treat people who are fat?'

My band was the best thing I have ever done, but I need to do the last bit myself, so I look forward to joining you and following your story. I need to find the courage to reverse a life times thinking of Avoid the Fat!!


The Bionic Broad said...


It's a pleasure to meet a fellow low-carbing Bandster! Your comment really made my day.

I highly suggest that you read Fat: It's Not What You Think by Connie Leas. This book helped me to get over my fat-phobia. I hope that it is available in the UK. If it isn't, let me know.

Some things I started with were putting a tablespoon of heavy cream in my tea (I like it white, anyway), making myself eat a rasher or two of bacon in the morning, and dipping my cooked veggies in butter. Nowadays, I even put coconut oil in my tea. I'm shameless!

Let me know how you are doing, and feel free to suggest topics, add information, or ask questions. I started this blog to help others find their way to health. I'm on the journey, myself.


Jackie said...

Thanks, Pat, for that suggestion.

It's ordered and on it's way!

I'll let you know what I think.

Enjoy your weekend,