Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sad Panda

One of the problems with making yourself look like an ass on the Internet is that the I'net is forever. But I digress.

Since the November before my surgery, I belonged to a gastric banding support group on Facebook. It used to be a great place for support, at least until the trolls took over.

The whole mess started when a person asked how strict the rest of us were, and how much carbage we ate. Two other people answering that question were low-carbers. Then the trolls came out of the woodwork.

Just had a look at a few profiles, and it's interesting that some of you advocating cutting out food groups, and not having a balanced diet are from the USA. I know there I a huge problem with obesity out there, so maybe that's why your approach is so extreme. Your comment on addiction is laughable! Good job we have a good sense of humour in the UK, and obviously have a more laid back lifestyle. There is quite a difference between alcohol and food - we need food to live, we don't need alcohol or cigarettes, so don't know where you think the comparison lies :-)
Friday at 12:44pm

Here is a person who had 80 - 85% of her stomach removed, bleating about how she can still eat the same crap now, just in "moderation," whatever that means. Now, I'm not going to lie. I still have to grab myself by the throat and pull myself away from pan pizza and chips. And I usually do. But I recognize that carbage, even in smaller amounts, is still carbage. It spikes my blood sugar, releases insulin, stores fat, and does cellular damage. Every. Stinking. Time. I. Eat. Carbage. The weight gain is just a by-product of the damage (cellular inflammation).

This troll also attacked me because I mentioned my A1C, a marker to show how much protein in my body has been damaged by glucose. According to her, A1C levels are only the concern of the diabetic, so I was "obsessed."

Another definition of addiction is continuing to do something that the addict KNOWS does some type of damage.  We would never tell a smoker, "No, you don't have to quit. Just keep it down to a pack a day instead of two." Do I advise the alcoholic to only have beer after dinner instead of the hard stuff? Why would a carb addict insist on eating it "in moderation," knowing full well that the inflammation it causes has long-term effects, such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease, etc? That's enough for me. And if it isn't for you, a bit of the latest research about colon cancer: Those colon cancer survivors who eat diets high in starchy carbs are much more likely to have the cancer return. Well, how about that?

And, in response to my troll, I watch a lot of British TV. You all have some fatties over there. let me tell you. (Meow, I know.)

The Bionic Broad out.

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Wii Fit & A Bet said...

Amen! there are always "haters" out there.