Saturday, December 1, 2012

Eating crow...stuffed crow

This was my first Thanksgiving as a gastric sleeved patient, and I went into the holyday with the idea that I was going to sail right through, easy-cheesy, I am so together. I was going to cook that huge meal, use my 5" plate, and sit like a queen in all my smugness. Uh huh.

Let's just say that, as my mother says, life is what happens while you're making other plans.

The meal went fine. I did use my 5" plate, and I decided to have some stuffing instead of the mashed potatoes. The day itself went just fine. Then came ... da da ta da ... the day after.

First came the turkey roll, a mixture of turkey, black olives, stuffing, peas, potatoes, and gravy, wrapped and baked in a biscuit crust, then doused with more gravy. Then, a dear friend gave us a home-made selection of Scottish cookies. The woman could open her own bakery and put everyone else out of business. Then came more turkey roll. More stuffing. More cookies. It was if I couldn't stop. 

I couldn't believe how quickly I fell back into many of my bad habits. 

It's one thing to gain a few pounds during the holydays, but to gain a few as a bariatric patient, and one who toots the low-carb horn publicly. Good heavens. But the consequences...

Ironically, Dr. Michael Eades just came out with a blog post about how fattening carbohydrates are. When one falls off a low-carb diet, it's easier to gain weight than when one falls off a low-fat diet. So, it appears that, in spite of what the haters tell us, carb really is more fattening than fat or protein. I can attest to that. After a few days of high-carb indulgence and stupidity, I watched the scale creep up about four pounds. Well, enough was enough.

I made my own shortbread, using Judy Barnes Baker's wonderful cookbook, Carb Wars. I am trying to add some physical activity every day. And, to take a cue from Jimmy Moore, I have added more saturated fat to my diet. That is so counter-intuitive to the research-ignorant. But it's working. I'm down almost a pound and a half this week. But it's sad. It took me exactly three days to gain four pounds. Such is carb, in all its fattening glory. Aaaargh.

The Bionic Broad out.

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Megan said...

I feel for you. My hubs came home (works out of state) for Thanksgiving, so to celebrate I plopped on 2 pounds.

Are you familiar with the Weston Price Foundation? You can find a ton of info on the health benefits of saturated fats. It's too bad so many "experts" are still talking about going low fat, despite the fact that research is conclusively abolishing that theory.

My health has improved substantially since we started going with a high fat, low carb diet as is found in the Nourishing Traditions cookbook.