Saturday, January 11, 2014

Once more into the breach

To those of you who follow my blog, a heartfelt apology. I thought that I was dealing well with a family tragedy, and I found out that that was not true. I slammed the door on everything but trying to make it to Christmas Break. Thank you for still being with me. As Arnold said, "I'm back."

I found some comments/questions when I logged in to my blog, and I'm going to try to address them.

Matthew, complex carbs are the "healthy" carbs that we are told to eat: Not white bread, but whole-wheat bread. Not instant oatmeal, but steel-cut oats. Complex carbs are carbs that haven't been as processed and still contain fiber. Whole grains, beans, and fruit fall into that category. The problem is, that they are still carbs. Yes, the fiber slows down the spike in glucose (blood sugar), but they still attribute to fatty liver, insulin resistance, and fat storage. Anytime you trigger an insulin release, fat storage takes place. That's what insulin does. Complex carbs are still carbs.

Cohen, I'm not sure of your question. If you are confused because of my failure to communicate, please let me know. I want to make sure that I am presenting date-based findings and explaining them in such a way that they are still true to the research.

Anonymous and Matthew, thank you for the kind words. The low-carb lifestyle saved my life, since I weighed 245 pounds, had retinal edema, triglyceride readings in the 170s, and fasting glucose readings approaching the 120s. My waist measurement was in the 40s. (Can you say, "Metabolic Syndrome," boys and girls?)

Anonymous, this is a basic day for me. (As a side note, any link I post that leads to a company, person, or product, I do NOT receive any kind of "kick-back" from anyone. I happen to use certain companies, sites, and products, and I post them here for clarity and convenience.) I try to keep my intake at 75 - 80% fat, 15% protein, and 5% carb.


Half-caf coffee with liquid Splenda and a half-heavy cream/unsweetened almond milk mixture

Maria's "fat-bomb" (coconut oil, natural peanut butter, unsweetened cocoa, Splenda)

This high-fat breakfast usually keeps me satisfied until lunchtime. I make sure to drink water, and sometimes will have more coffee with the cream/almond milk mixture, and float a bit of coconut oil in my coffee.


An Atkins shake or a Quest bar or left-overs from a previous dinner

I am a high-school counselor who also does discipline, and my lunch is after the students' lunch. If there are problems that I have to handle, my lunch sometimes gets lost in the shuffle. My favorite lunches are bacon and cream cheese, and dill pickles with full-fat cheese.


A bit of fatty protein (bacon, pork roast, sausage-stuffed mushrooms, fried eggs (two or three yolks with one white), baked dark-meat chicken with the skin, home-made chili (no beans) with the fat left in.

Sometimes a non-starchy veg (Brussels sprouts roasted in bacon grease, broccoli with home-made cheese sauce (easy), or mushrooms sauteed in butter and bacon fat with garlic.


Decaf tea with the cream/almond milk mixture
Another "fat bomb"

This way of eating gives me tons of energy and keeps me full. Since I am releasing very little insulin (protein and carbs trigger insulin, fat does not), I am tapping into my body's fat stores for that energy. 

I just slogged my way through The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living, by Drs. Phinney and Volek, and was, again, reminded that I am not a health-care professional. It was very much worth reading, though (skimming the parts when my eyes started to cross), and I learned even more as to why carbohydrates are deadly for me. Others might have more tolerance for carbohydrates, but I can gain 10 - 20 pounds in a week or two, if I eat lots of sugar and starch. And, no, I am NOT exaggerating. Ten to twenty pounds in that short a time frame.

I also ordered a blood ketone meter, which I use once a week. The test strips are ridiculously expensive, but one a week is manageable. I am not weighing myself, but am using two markers: Blood ketone reading, and waist measurement. The book I mentioned above said, "Don't trust your mental health to the scale." Precious words.

I highly recommend that you download Keto Adapted, for $14.99. Maria explains the science of a healthy, high-fat lifestyle in a way that doesn't make you wish that you were a biochemist. I've made a batch of her broth (tasty), and I have a mug of it every day to keep my sodium intake up. Yes, that's right. Sodium intake UP. I'll talk about that one at a later date.

Meanwhile, hug your loved ones, treat yourself and others with mercy and patience, and make 2014 the best year to date.

The Bionic Broad out.


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